In this day in age, identity theft is an ever-present threat. In fact, 1 in 4 people have experienced identity theft at some point. With such a high risk, do you really want to take the chance of having your identity stolen? Someone might take out a loan or open a new credit card account using your name. Your bank accounts and retirement accounts could be taken over and all of the money withdrawn. A crime might even be committed under your identity! Indeed, the damage of identity theft can last a lifetime. What’s to be done?

LifeLock is identity theft protection. They work proactively to monitor your identity, detecting any suspicious uses of it. If suspicious use of your identity is found, LifeLock immediately alerts you to the potential fraud. Then, if you confirm that the activity was fraudulent, LifeLock is at the ready to work on restoring your identity – able to spend up to $1 million to hire experts and lawyers, if necessary.

Indeed, with the costs associated with identity theft, how can you afford not to have this critical protection? Start your membership with LifeLock today by signing up via the link below.

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