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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

February 23, 2021

We’ve all seen the cute mascots on tv promising to save you money on your insurance and you’ve probably also started to see ads on social media from new online only companies promising instant quotes and incredible savings. So why would you want to call a Professional Independent Insurance Agency, like Schlitt Services, instead of using these online quote generators or going directly to an Insurance Company?

Well to answer that question let’s start with what an Independent Insurance Agency actually is. It is an agency that has access to a plethora of insurance companies, meaning we can shop around finding you the best combination of price and coverage. Whereas these online companies and direct companies only have one option for you, what you see is what you get from them and then you have to go and ask another company for a quote and waste your valuable time shopping around.

Another problem that arises is that a cheaper quote might seem good on paper but what the online company isn’t telling you is that when you need that insurance policy to pay a claim, you might not be as covered as you thought you were. Problems also arise when it is time to file a claim or you have questions and you have to call an 800 number that doesn’t understand your local community and what is going on.

Finally, and most importantly, Independent Agents like us support our local communities because we live here too and want to see it prosper and we can be your sole contact for all your insurance needs, including business, personal, health, life and more.


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